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steve jobs and ste steve wozniak created the apple computer. many tourists stop by to take pictures and the goal of the historical designation is to preserve the home as it looked in the 1970s. >> most of us have an iphone or an ipod or macintosh or air book or one of their devices and we identify with that. it's a more important property than the packard garage. >> and the plan is to put up a historical plaque in front of the home. we're live in los altos tonight. >> just into our newsroom tonight, a notable decision in palo alto. the city council pulled a plug on a planned electronic billboard. the proposal called for the billboard to go alongside highway 101. east palo alto is generating a lot of money with a sign off university avenue. palo alto could make up to a million dollars a year. but the signs are distracting to drivers because they are bright. >>> why should it cost you $4 or $5 to get half a gallon or milk? i'm here to explain why the price of this is going sky high. >>> and tweet a coffee? the partnership between twitter and starbucks. >>> the mysterious barge in the
commission voted unanimously no turn the childhood home of steve jobs into a historical site. this means this home on crist drive is now protected so a builder cannot come in and demolish it. the plan is to put up a plaque 7nmpand steve wazniak build the first apple one computer back in 1976. jobs' stepmother, marilynn jobs, still lives in this home, by the way. >>. >>> well, your home may not be a landmark to anyone but you, but it's probably worth much more than it used to be. scott mcgrew as house prices continue their record rise. >> good morning. the latest monthly data from case shiler shows the home prices in the san frifblg market have risen more than 25% from the same time measured last year. so from august 2012 to august 2013, which is the most recent month in all that8 data is available. this is the second best increase in the united states behind las vegas. now, i tell you about these price increases every month, and they've been blockbuster machines. we do keep in mind, it's a moving average. july to july. it's not added to the august to august increase this month. all we c
night the historical commission voted unanimously to turn steve job's home into a historical site. the late steve jobs and apple cofounder built the first apple 1 computers in the garage back in 1976. >>> we have an update to a story we've been following in the past year. >> his name is jeff schmidt. >> one-half hour after the finish line closed. i thought a story about a guy that just wouldn't quit would be intere interesting. i had no idea. it's not over yet. they call someone who competes on a prosthetic leg a challenged athlete. what they should call jeff schmidt is a magician. we first met jeff and wife jenny not long after he returned from the 2012 ironman championship. jeff told us he kept going that night in hawaii because he had come too far to quit and he wasn't talking about the 140-mile race. a star soccer player, he was leg was shattered by a violent tackle 15 years ago. he had failed history and dr depende dependentcys. >> if something in your life is causing you nothing but anguish and you can get rid of it, what do you do? you get rid of it. >> losing that leg turn
. >>> still to come, the childhood home of late apple co-founder steve jobs is up for a very special designation today. we'll explain next. >>> twitter gets one step closer to an ipo. we'll have the latest on the hottest san francisco company coming up in business and tech. >>> also a major storm blows through europe, causing serious damage. now cities are just starting to pick up the pieces. >>> mean while, we have to deal with our own wind event here in the bay area. 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts through the altamont pass. we'll let you know whenw5 the wd gusts subside and shower chances increase when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. >>> welcome back. be installing a digital billboard along highway 101. tonight at 7:00, the city will consider a plan to install the billboard on city-owned property at the end of colorado avenue. the billboard is expected to bring in as much as $1 million a year. the proposal would also change would be theh@wñ only digital s allowed within city limits. right now you may know this. there's a digital sign across the highway in east palo alto.
is scheduled to decide whether to bestow a special designation on steve jobs childhood home. they consider whether declaring the ranch style home an historical resource. the house is historically significant according to some because it's where jobs and apple kound founder steve wozniak built the first computers way back in 1976. jobs moved into the house with his foster parent in 1968. meteorologists may have found a new way to predict heat waves up to three weeks before they hit now. right now, the best they can do is about ten days. scientist discovered that when high and low pressure systems line up in a specific pattern, a heat wave will usually show up in about 15 to 20 days. these earlier warnings would help cities prepare by arranging cooling centers to open and check up on the elderly as well. right now, we do not have that problem. >> we're stuck in a wind tunnel tonight. our top wind gusts, at least closer to sea level tonight. you can see inland from concord, oakland. the east bay getting hit pretty hard. notice in the hour by hour wind forecast, all the areas here through abou
transplant. steve tyler said relationship to a great friend a fellow musician. i love you lou. reed leader of velvet underground and driving force behind hit song "walk on the wild side" was 71 years old. >>> exciting game four of the world series to tell you about. cardinals get on first. beltran driving in a run. bases loaded. stephen drew, sacrifice fly. ortiz in for the schoore. boston up 4-1. celebrating beard tug in order after that. there you go. shane robinson scores. boston 4-2. boston seals the deal in the ninth. colton gets picked off. he's out. game five tonight. more sports for you little bit later. >>> expected to be dry in st. louis. the opposite half a world away. massive storm barrelling across southern britain with 75-80 miles per hour wind. is 130 flights have been cancelled. one teenage girl was reportedly killed when a tree fell on her home. a teenage boy is feared dead after being swept in the see. it's one of the worst storm to hit the country in years. video coming out of the uk is really amazing. >> 90 miles per hour on the island off the coast. in london, wind gus
a harebrained scheme, police sayara approached a frie steve toboggan, who ran this furniture and appliance store, and asked him to figure out a way to have gentz killed inside the county jail. tom berry, the ex-detroit cop, said bashara told the appliance salesman the hit would be worth $20,000 to him. >> gentz is locked away. he's in a cell. and this hit man who isn't a hit man is going to do him how? >> the hit man is going to get a guy that's in jail with gentz to put crushed glass into his food. gentz is going to eat it in the hopes that his colon gets perforated and he dies. >> sought businessman never considers this for a second? >> never for a second. he's not going to do it. >> reporter: the appliance salesman immediately notified the detroit cops. the retailer agreed to wear a wire when he met with bashara again to supposedly finalize terms. >> i mean, bob bashara was not offering this guy a million dollars to take joe gentz out. bob bashara was going to people who he thought would be easy targets, maybe easily manipulated, like joe gentz was, to try to seal the deal. >> reporter: inste
in just a moment. but first i want to turn to democratic senator steve beshear, republican governor john kasich in neighboring ohio. i wanted to take this out of washington because in kentucky you set up your own health care exchange. in ohio, governor kasich, you declined to do so until the federal government comes in to do that. let me start with you. the president says there is no excuse for this terrible rollout for obama care through the website. are you as frustrated with how all of this has started? governor kasich? >> is that to me? >> yes. >> yeah. well, look, david, the problem is obama care doesn't control costs. secondly, it's going to drive up the costs for the vast majority of ohioans. it threatens business to grow beyond 50 employees, and frankly, what i think has to concern everybody, this economy is stalled and people don't know what the future is going to bring. and when people are uncertain about the future, they sit on their wallets, and that's why we're not seeing the kind of economic growth that we need to see that's so vital to create new jobs here in the state of
. and speaking of apple, this is where the late ceo steve jobs grew up. in less than an hour from now, the los altos historical commission will decide whether this house will be a historic resource. what makes it historic is what happened inside the garage. that's where jobs and apple co-founder steve wozniak built the first apple computers and that was back in 1976. >>> you may have a robot to clean your house or maybe serve you drinks. how about a robot to help your child prepare for a career in technology? in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, business and tech reporter scott budman is here with a look at the future of play, is that right, scott? >> reporter: absolutely right, raj. playing to help young people learn. if you think about it, these are toys that can help build the next generation of engineers. we got a first look at the robot of the future right here. it's a robot that can bang out a tune. more importantly, it's a robot that can teach your children about technology which may prepare them for a job. >> we're trying to teach kids, you know, the logic and the kind of the fu
this week. we're going to talk to him in just a moment. but first i want to turn to democratic senator steve beshear, republican governor john kasich in neighboring ohio. i wanted to take this out of washington because in kentucky you set up your own health care exchange. in ohio, governor kasich, you declined to do so until the fedego
. and nobody protect them. >> reporter: arinda city councilman and assembly county steve glazer collected 20,000 signatures calling for a ban on transit strikes. >> we certainly would like the unions and management to work it out around the bargaining table. if they fail to do that, the riders, commuters of the bay area should not be held responsible for that failure. >> reporter: political leaders like california lieutenant governor, former san francisco mayor gavin newsom aren't shoe banning transit strikes are the answer. >> when i was mayor, we had some contentious issues with our muni workers, but that didn't stop them, even though they can't legally strike, from cases all being miraculously sick. >> you're going to get a point where you'll get an oppressive employer. you start getting unhappy workers. and safety starts going down. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. workers plan to release the results of today's vote at 11:00 p.m. tonight, with hopes the contentious b.a.r.t. battle will be a distant memory, at least for the next four years. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >>> ahead at 6:00, it lo
voted unanimously to turn the childhood home of steve jobs into a historical site. it's planned to put a plaque in front of the home. first, apple computer dates back to 1976. back in auerbach yard. local news update in half hour. see you then. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist. >> welcome to today on a chilly morning here tuesday, october 29th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. al is down at the jersey shore. he's at seaside heights on this one year anniversary of super storm sandy. how do things look at the shore this morning. >> reporter: well, you guys remember just about a month ago there was a devastating fire along the boardwalk here. they had two large fire breaks in this boardwalk. they are working feverishly to get everything back down to the be bare sand so they can start to rebuild. in the meantime, we are looking at sandy. that fire right now is still under investigation. they believe it started because of faulty wiring. electrical wiring compromised by the storm surge when sandy came in a year ago
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